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Published:  16. FEB 2023 Genre: Memoir: Pages 150: For adults of all ages. 



Response from test-readers:


"The moon landing of sex and relationships!"

Inside the harem

Revolutionizing the Harem


The true story of how taboo philosopher Carsten Graff gathered a therapeutic harem with eleven women. Graff had the vision to reform and update the ancient culture of a harem. Instead of creating a harem for the sake of one man, he wanted to give the women a space to unfold sexually, gain pleasure, and learn from the experience. With each of the harem women, Graff opened a genuine emotional connection. This is the story of an extreme journey into the hidden knowledge of intimacy, revealing how to create a modern harem based on honesty and good chemistry.


Setting up the harem involved immense planning and at least a thousand hours of work. Graff developed a unique scouting approach and a profiling method for potential harem candidates. He also developed what he calls his “harem survival kit.”. In this story, he explains the full details of his approach while guiding the reader through unexplored aspects of love, sex, and relationships.

This book answers questions like these

How to avoid manipulation when dating? How can sex become therapeutic and healing? How do you create a romantic getaway with a harem? How can twelve people make love to each other at the same time? What happens when you take a harem to a sex club? How do you create unique and honest relationships with every member of a harem? How do you avoid jealousy with one or several partners? In what ways is having a harem difficult, and what are the advantages of being single while having only one partner?

Letter from a harem woman

Dear Carsten

What happened in our harem blew my mind!

So many times, in my life I have been forced to submit to situations I didn’t enjoy in relationships, and it has been very hurtful. Because of that, I have been afraid to give myself fully and afraid of trusting others.


While being part of the harem I learned that it is possible to give up control without fear and to explore sex and feel love and care without trying to control others.


Since we all started meeting, I feel so peaceful and relieved in a way that I have never felt before. As you know I have been addicted to marijuana for several years, but lately, I have had no urges to smoke.


I understand that you did this as a research project and that we might not meet as a harem again, but this is not a problem for me. You and the other women’s views on relationships and sex taught me so much about love that I am grateful in ways that I cannot put into words.


It has been incredible leaving behind some of the pain I had in my heart while also finding new and lasting friendships with the other women.


Love Leanna

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