Erotic Church

Personally, I have never felt the presence of God in a church, but I have often felt a Godly presence when I am in nature or when I am making love to a woman with whom I feel a deep and honest connection. The church claims to be a messenger of love, so what would be more natural than to explore lovemaking in a church? 


This is why I sometimes rent a closed down church and invite people to come and make love in the church. Last time I did it we had 3 couples making love and about 150 churchgoers. During the two hours the church was open I was doing a lecture about love and intimacy.


I dont belong to any religion, but I believe that we are all spiritual individuals. Most of what happens in conventional churches have in my opinion very little to do with God and spirituality. Primarily the church is performing old rituals that were once created to control the masses. In order to develop spiritually, we don't need churches, but now they are here they might as well serve a purpose.


During our last event, we had three couples making love. One couple was from the swinger culture, another from the tantric tradition and the third couple expressed their love through a bondage-session. With music and in beautiful coloured lights the man tied up his women and suspended her 7 metres over the church floor. What they did was a beautiful demonstration of love, trust and devotion.



A few words from some of our visitors at Erotic Church:


"Thank you all for a very intimate and special evening... but especially to the couples for allowing us to share your space of intimacy! It was so beautiful and touching, in glimpses raw and direct - but always with presence. The concept is interesting - to mix a lecture with the reality of sex, love and sensual intimacy is a typical Graff approach..."


"Graff's revolutionary and controversial idea has created a whole new kind of space for conversation between the lecturer and the audience."

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