The Philosophy of the Unmentionable 

Carsten Graff Taboo-philosopher,  publisher, unhabitual thinker and 

award-winning author of more than 20 books - printed in more than 300.000

copies.  Graff has performed more than 2500 lectures worldwide. 

Carsten Graff 


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Love Stories From Other Planets. 

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Taboo-philosopher, publisher, unhabitual thinker, and intimacy explorer. Graff is an award-winning author of more than 20 books. His books have been printed in more than 300.000 copies. He writes about the taboos connected to death, money, relationships education, management, incest,  computers, rape, business, and many others. Graff has done more than 2500 lectures worldwide. 




True Survivor


An existential biography 

By Katya Martinova and Carsten Graff

Published in Russia: March 2021


This book unlocks the jarring psychological odysseys that propelled one of the most hideous sex crimes the world has ever seen. Follow the inside story of Katya Martynova’s more than three and a half years of sexual slavery at the hands of an ostensibly upstanding member of Russian society. When Katya was 14 years old Victor Mokhov abducted her and her friend Lena from the street and took them to a tiny dungeon. Carsten Graff visited Katya in Russia while writing her biography.

Love Stories From Other Planets

An existential and erotic biography 

By Carsten Graff

Published: 2021


In this book, Carsten invites you to the unknown territories of love, sex, and relationships.

The Danish Press characterized Carsten’s love stories as 
‘Sex and The City – the extreme male perspective’


This book contains some of Carsten’s best work.

How to give hands-on sexual education to a virgin
My girlfriend's spiritual exploration of a blowjob café
Exploring the outer limits of sugar dating
Taking open relationships to the extreme
How I made sex and love a part of a sermon in church
The proof that money can, in fact, buy money
How I made genuine love to a prostitute
Why I boost the ego of my girlfriend's other lovers
My first performance as a professional boyfriend
The spiritual sex tourist
… and many other stories.



PUBLISHED 2021, 2022 and 2023



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