The Tabooed Science of intimacy

The SugarAmory Project

Abstract Structure

What is SugarAmory?

SugarAmory is a dating culture combining the best elements from Sugardating and Polyamory. Sugardating is an old-fashioned dating culture with the man as the provider supporting his woman financially. Polyamory makes it possible for all parties to have as many partners as they want and be openly about it. In a SugarAmorous relationship, the women would not only receive financial support but would also allow them to have as many partners as they like. 


Unknown Dynamics and Freedom

Culturally we dont do much research trying to define new relationship cultures. SugarAmory is defined by Carsten Graff and it basically breaks all conventions within dating and create unknown dynamics, freedom, and challenges for all partners. The big question is if it would be possible for a SugarAmorous family to engage romantically and how it would develop. Carsten Graff will invite partners for the relationship and will document what they all learn from the process.

Carsten’s Dating Profile 
-    Don’t drink alcohol and don’t take drugs
-    Terrible at small talk

-    Full-time artist
-    Not into intimacy without mutual emotional connection. 
-    Non-possessive and polyamorous. 
-    190 cm and 85 Kg (6 ft 3” 190 lbs)

The Profile of the Female Family Members​

Reflective, open-minded, intelligent, non-possessive, emotionally explorative, and great conversation partners. The family will have 4-6 members. 

Emotional and Financial support
Carsten Graff has extensive experience with open relationships and will mentor the family members. Besides that, he will support the female family members financially and cover all costs when the family is traveling. 

Leaving the Family
This is all about the creation of good energy, a loving atmosphere and trust. No one will be expected to do anything they themselves will not enjoy. Any of the family members can at any time choose to leave the arrangement. Carsten can also at any time choose to terminate the arrangement.

The family is expected to be gathered for the first time in spring 2021 and will have members from several different cultures and countries. As a first step they are expected to travel together while bonding and getting to know each other.  

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