The Tabooed Science of intimacy

The SugarAmory Project

Abstract Structure

What is SugarAmory?

SugarAmory is a dating culture combining the best and most respectful elements from Sugardating and Polyamory. Sugardating is an old-fashioned dating culture with one partner being the sugar daddy or sugar mammy who supports their partners financially. Polyamory makes it possible for all parties to have as many partners as they want and be open about it. In a SugarAmorous relationship, the woman will not only receive financial support but will also be able to have as many partners as she likes. 


Unknown Dynamics and Freedom

SugarAmory is defined by Carsten Graff and it basically breaks all conventions within dating while creating freedom for all partners. The big question is if it would be possible for a SugarAmorous family to engage romantically and how the romance would progress. Carsten Graff will invite partners for the relationship and will write from his experiences. Everyone involved can naturally choose to be anonymous. 

The Profile of the Female Family Members​

Reflective, humorous, open-minded, intelligent, and non-possessive. The family can as a maximum consist of 10 female members. 


Carsten Graff has extensive experience in both sugardating and open relationships and will mentor the family members. Besides that, he will also be the provider of the family.

Further research  

While Carsten is researching this new dating culture he will write about some of the following topics. 

- How to establish yourself as a leader in a comprehensive family structure. 

- How to dissolve drama, jealousy, and conflicts.

- How to make sure all your partners are sexually happy and fulfilled. 

- How to set the frame of an open relationship and the most important values for openness. - How to set up a daily structure and make sure that everyone in the family is growing and learning every day. 

- How to create a unique and special space with many different partners.