The Tabooed Science of Intimacy


Slave Lecture 


Abstract Structure

A consensual slave derives satisfaction by being obedient while serving an owner. He or she is emotionally and erotically fulfilled through having a lesser status. When I started studying the culture of consensual slavery I became curious and wanted to understand what drives a consensual slave to submit his or her independence to others.

As a sexual dominant I found myself a slave who wanted to serve me. In this lecture, I will not only talk about slavery but will also demonstrate what consensual slavery is all about. My slave likes to be called Bimbo. In her daily life she is an intelligent business woman running a graphic design company. When she is around me she is my pet, french maid, furniture, object, or whatever I want her to be. If living with me she prefers sleeping on the floor beside my bed and she only speaks when I allow it. Sexually she is happy to fulfil any request I might have. 


In this lecture I will talk about an approach to power exchange that for many people is completely unknown. During the lecture Bimbo will serve the guests, will act as furniture and the audience will be allowed to play with her. If I allow it you can take her for a walk on a leash, take selfies with her, order her around or touch or punish her. During the lecture I will also talk about orgasm control and demonstrate how to make Bimbo reach her climax by giving her no other stimulation than an order. 


- Why does anyone want to be a consensual slave? 

- Is there such thing as a limitless slave? 

- What is the purpose of sexual objectification?

- How does consensual slavery enhance sexual energy? 

- What is the purpose of orgasm denial and control? (This will be demonstrated)

- Strict slave protocols and the need for real dialogue. 

- What is the point of using submissive positions (This will be demonstrated)

- What is the difference between a pleaser and a caring slave owner?


Carsten Graff

Researching consensual slavery 2021