The Tabooed Science of Intimacy


Master & Slave 


Abstract Structure

Meet me with my consensual slave Maria and get a first-hand experience of a master and consensual slave relationship.


A slave is a man or woman who derives satisfaction from being owned and controlled by a partner. In a conventional relationship, you need to reach consensus but with my slaves consensus, is never needed. I define their daily structure, opinions, duties, and the way they behave when being around me. With my slaves I never have arguments and the word “no” is not part of their vocabulary. This gives me the freedom of doing exactly what I want while my slaves have the freedom of not making decisions, not knowing what will happen while only keeping their focus on following orders. Their lives as slaves are part of their spiritual journey dissolving their egos making it possible to live in a state of selflessness.


I was always convinced a consensual slave would be a humble, old-fashioned, and introverted person, but this is not the case. My slave Maria is not only an independent and successful businesswoman but also a firm supporter of equality. When with me I own her body, mind, and soul and she only speaks or has orgasms with my permission. From the outside, it looks as if she has entered a relationship with a tyrant, but in reality, her boundaries are defining our relationship. I would never do anything with Maria that is not in line with her sexual and emotional profile.



During this lecture, I will demonstrate the dynamics of a master and slave relationship. I will show how I receive her service, how she addresses me, and how I objectify, control, and punish her. I will also demonstrate how Maria can have an orgasm from a command and how she acts as my pet when being on her leash. The demonstration will not contain explicit sexual acts, but Maria will be naked or in her slave outfit. Some of our audience will be able to touch, control, or take Maria for a walk on her leash under my supervision.


If you have more personal questions about master and slave relationships that you don’t want to address publicly you are welcome to get in touch.




- What differentiates a Master and slave relationship from a conventional relationship? 

- What is power exchange and what kind of dynamics do you need to make the slave cum from a command without having sex?

- How can a Master exercise mind- and emotional control over a slave and how does it work?  

- What is punishment and how do you avoid turning punishments into rewards?

- What is the difference between letting go of control and letting go of responsibility?

- During the lecture the audience will be able to ask any kind of questions about our relationship anonymously.  

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Carsten Graff

Researching consensual slavery 2021