Oliwia and Carsten have known each other and worked together since 2014. She is also one of Carsten's most inspiring muses. 

Muse Power


Few things can make a man creative and productive as the prospect of being admired by an amazing woman. Many of the worlds most impressive organizations, pieces of art and buildings were created by men who wanted to be something in the eyes of a special woman. Women may fantasize about attractive men, but a man is often more likely to want to grow a certain status in order to attract, seduce or impress the woman he desires. The woman thereby becomes his muse and his reason to create.


If you study successful men you will learn that most of them had a strong sex-drive, but they also had the ability to transform their sex-drive into constructive action. By concentrating on the object of his desires she becomes the dynamo that makes him materialize his dreams. A man who is not able to transform his sex-drive will often become a non-productive slave of his attraction.

The idea of turning your sex drive into durable and constructive energy is called transmutation, and it's not a new idea; it was first described more than 2500 years ago in Greek mythology. The Greeks believed in nine female muses with special powers to inspire humans in both science and art.




The Bali Muse Management Retreat

If you are a muse-driven man who wants to learn more I will be happy to receive you at my Bali retreat center. During the retreat, you can meet potential muses and learn about the intimate forces driving businessmen to success. 


Bali is world famous for its amazing scenery, romantic dining, culture, weather, not to mention its spa- and retreat places. 

Price and billing

3 days: 12.800 Euro + VAT.


The price includes the retreat and a five-star hotel, but not the airfare.  

Your compendium during the conference

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