Love Stories From Other Planets ​​

Published:  2021 - Pages: 336 

Genres: Philosophy, memoir, satire, love, and sexuality.


The unknown territories

of love, sex, and relationships.

The Press characterized Carsten’s love stories as 
‘Sex and The City – the extreme male perspective’



This book contains some of Carsten’s best work.


How to give hands-on sexual education to a virgin

My girlfriends spiritual exploration of a blowjob café

Exploring the outer limits of sugardating

Taking open relationships to the extreme

How I made sex and love a part of a sermon in church

The proof that money can in fact buy money

How I made genuine love to a prostitute

Why I boost the ego of my girlfriends other lovers

My first performance as a professional boyfriend

The spiritual sex tourist

… and many other stories.


The chapters in the book is connected and some have references to each other, but all chapters can also be read as individual stories.


This book only contains true stories, but names and identifying details have been changed to protect the privacy of individuals.