The Surrogate Lover

The Tabooed Science of intimacy

Abstract Structure

Exploring intimacy is not my full-time profession, but for more than 20 years I have explored the science of intimacy while expanding my knowledge.

Through many experiments I found my own way to create a safe space that minimize attachment while creating freedom and healing for both parties. 

I have written about some of my experiments and experiences. On this page you can read how I perform my research.

"The Surrogate Lover" is not a business concept, but a research project and I only take clients with whom I sense great and genuine chemistry. 


Hands-on Sexual Education For a Virgin

Lena was a virgin wanting to approach intimacy in a conscious way. This is the story of a woman who was my client for six months.


What I Learned From Selling Sex To Women

Anna suffered from extreme jealousy. For years, she had been in therapy but there had been no change or improvement.


An Unconventional Healing Approach 

An unconventional approach to a rape victim that created a highly surprising result. 


Hugging a Sexual Harasser

Being a surrogate lover takes a relaxed approach to intimacy, but sometimes I become too relaxed.