Extreme Dating

The Tabooed Science of Intimacy

Abstract Structure

Carsten Graff has done much research in non-mainstream dating cultures.

In my relationships, I have mostly challenged myself and have been a professional boyfriend, a sugardaddy, a boytoy, a slave keeper, a surrogate lover, a polyamorist, and in age gap relationships with women much older and much younger than myself. Besides that, I have been in relationships with a burglar, a prostitute, an angel, a Jehovah's witness, an asexual supermodel, a female elite soldier, a nymphomaniac, a policewoman, and with a woman who kept escaping a mental institution to visit me at strange hours. Nothing has taught me more than my attraction to women. 

Carsten Graff  

On this page you can read about some of Carsten's unusual experiences. 


How I Made Real Love With a Prostitute

The true story of how a prostitute touched my soul and how I touched hers.


My Love Story With a Part of a Woman

This is the story of how I found out that my dream partner was just a single slice of a whole person’s consciousness.


How a Burglar Stole

My Heart

Do you think a burglar would rob your house if he or she was officially invited? Using my own homemade crime prevention method, I found out.


How Money Bought Me Love

This is the story of how I explored the life of a London sugardaddy and how money bought me, genuine love.