The Tabooed Science of Intimacy


Master & Slave 


Abstract Structure

Do you want a first hand experience of a Master and slave relationship?

"A consensual slave is a man or woman who derives pleasure out of having a lesser status. My slave enjoys being totally obedient to me and when she and I are together I am her owner.  I am a dominant, but not a tyrrant and I am also a firm supporter of equality. When my slave and I are together we create a sexual and social space of our dreams. 

I simply cal my slave for 'Slave' and I don't refer to as 'her', but as 'it'. When not being Slave she has a name and runs her own succesful business as a graphic designer. "

Carsten Graff


What to expect? 

During this meeting you can learn more about the mindset and relationship of a Master and slave. You will be able to understand why someone want to be in servitute and why they want to be objectified, humiliated, controlled, and punished. Why does Slave see herself as her owners sex toy and what turns her on about being a pet who is being walked on a leash and sleeps on the floor beside her owners bed? 

Hand-on-slavery during the lecture

During the lecture, Slave will serve the guests according to Carsten's wishes. If you wish to explore your own potential as a Master you can play with Slave , touch and control it under Carsten's supervision. 


Are you attracted to life as a consensual slave?

Get in touch with Carsten during this evening or write him a message. He will be happy to help you in the process of fincing what you are looking for. 

Are we all born as slaves?

According to Graff most people are born into unconscious slavery. Submissiveness is the backbone of society making us step into societies hamster wheel. Without unconscious slavery society would soon collapse.


- What differentate a Master and slave relationship from a conventional relationship? 

- What is the objectification and how does it play out and why?

- What is power exchange and how and why can Carsten command his slave to orgasm without having sex? 

- How can a Master exersise mind- and emotional control over a slave and how does it work?  

- What is punishment all about and when is it nessesary? 

- What is the masters and slaves responsibility?  

- How and why should you convert a conventional relationship into a master and slave relationship? 


Carsten Graff

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