Conversations With an Oak Tree ​​

Published:  2021 - Pages: 256 

Genres: Philosophy, memoir, satire, and computer criticism.





The world’s only timeless book about 

the disadvantages of computers. 


An award-winning book that can

be read by all ages of all cultures.

A satirical and existential tale about the difference

between wisdom and knowledge.


Carsten Graff is a former computer nerd. He holds a Master's degree in computer science and started his career in the computer industry as a programmer and software designer. With a team of pioneers, Carsten was developing some of the world's first home banking systems. Later he became an expert in multimedia-based training, teaching business managers all over Europe to use the latest technologies when educating their employees.  

While being at the peak of his career, Carsten went through an existential crisis that made him start asking critical questions about his profession. This book is a result of this process and was written as an antidote to modern society's glorification of knowledge, information, and technology. When it was first published in Denmark, it became an instant best-seller and was awarded the year's most original work of non-fiction by the Danish Authors Society. This edition of the book has been adapted and rewritten for an international audience and will be published in 2021.

Carsten Graff was inspired to write the book while sitting under an old oak tree in a cemetery in Copenhagen. The atmosphere in a cemetery is an overwhelming contrast to modern technology. In cemeteries, myths and superstitions still live. The book is shaped around a dialogue between an old tree representing wisdom and a computer expert who represents knowledge. It exposes our societies uncritical attempts to register and formalize everything – our fascination with phones and computers and our obsession with the Internet and other complicated systems that can do much more than we need.