Down to earth conversations

Graff is supporting international entrepreneurs and managers from all over the world defining their philosophy or helping them in their search for meaning. Rarely two visitors show up with the same agenda, but here are some examples:

- A reality check and support defining a personal philosophy.
- Exploration of the existential side of life while finding meaning. 
- Increasing self-awareness or self-esteem.
- Strengthen the ability to create healthy relationships. 
- Guidance in the search for meaning and passion.
- Help to find the courage to explore love and intimacy.
- Conversation with someone non-judgemental.



Graff's book about the business potential of growing and boosting your insanity in the business world. 

This book is Work-In-Progress

The potential of insanity

Globally businesses are spending billions developing their employee's self-awareness. The only problem is that self-awareness can be an obstacle if you are looking for a future in the dominant business culture. If you possess self-awareness you are not fit to push your colleagues to the max, compete, be strategic, be a workaholic or get yourself through the week while longing for the upcoming weekend. If you are a self-aware person you will not want to make your customers buy things they don't need, sell unhealthy products or work your butt off without making any difference for yourself or for the rest of the planet. If you aspire for higher levels of the prevailing business culture, being out of touch with yourself and emotionally off-balance will most likely be an advantage. Not only people like Hitler and Stalin made it to the top by being completely mad. Like so many others you can follow in their footsteps.


In this book, Graff is exploring the potential of insanity for the ambitious and career driven reader.