It is one of my great passions to tell stories about people with whom I can identify. My portraits are personal and I prefer to write in the first person. This makes it easier for the reader and for myself to identify with the person I am portraying.

When I do interviews I use them to initialize an intuitive process where I explore the person or the culture that I work with. All the stories are based on facts but at the same time, I allow myself to sense and feel the person I am portraying and often I put an extra layer of reflection into the story. Naturally, this layer has to be approved by the person I portray and when it works as it should it allows the reader to go deeper and closer.​

Some of Graffs Biographies

Jesper is the

man behind the worlds

biggest jewellery business.

Everything he did was

opposite of what you would

learn at the business school 

Translated into 10 

languages printed