"For many modern men its hard to find their identity as men. In order to handle this, some choose to team up in feminine male-bonding groups. An alpha male does not need to be confirmed in his opinions, thoughts and emotions. Naturally, he thrives and grows from being alone, unpopular and unique. An alpha male is not a member of any society or group and does not need to discuss his convictions. He has no heroes or idols and doesn't require others to relate to him as such. You rarely see him quote others - except one of his wives, his girlfriends or - on rare occasions - his mother. The only person who can efficiently question his authority is his queen. This is naturally the reason why she has become his queen."

Carsten Graff

Test yourself

This is the challenge for the upcoming alpha male who is ready to be treated like a king. For 5 days you will be surrounded by servants, helpers and naturally, you will have your own harem. We are setting up a castle in southern France and we will be recruiting your staff. 


The King finances the trip. Prices start at 82.000 Euro for five days.

Alpha Male Challenge